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2021 with our eyes wide open

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

So here we are, seeing the back of 2020 with a sigh of relief and somewhat ready for what 2021 may bring. The world of work has changed and with it the rise of the remote worker.

More and more companies are thinking why? Why all this space? Why all the rental and why all the needless commuting. Remote working is not for everyone but certainly for the creatives out there, it is far more freeing for the mind and soul.

Just look at some amazing creative work that came out of 2020.

Marketing seems to be on everyone’s minds, and businesses are looking for the answer to the simple question; is my marketing working hard enough? I say what is enough? The way I see it is if you ensure that you have the following skill set in your team; it will result in the biggest ROI.

  1. A great story-teller

  2. A brilliant negotiator

  3. A data and tech innovator

  4. A rainmaker

This is the reason why so many businesses are looking to freelancers and consultants to fill in the gaps of the skill sets that are missing within. It certainly is a more cost effective way to get the results you’re looking for.

Talk to us now and acquire an authentic assessment on how we can add value and benefit your bottom line.

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